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InvestDefense investigates all types of investments, and the professionals who propose to sell or manage them, in order to detect and prevent fraudulent or improper activity for individual and institutional investors.  Contact Us before, during, and/or after you invest.

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Founded by FBI Agents and located on campus at the University of South Florida, InvestDefense is composed of an Investigation Agency and a Research Laboratory.

Investigation Agency

Investigation Division

Investment Investigations


Specialized Investigations of Specific Investments, Performance Analysis, Fraud Prevention, Detection, and Recovery
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Research Laboratory

Research Division

FraudScience Research Lab

[Fraud Research]

Research Lab Dedicated to the Root Causes, Patterns, and Specific Behaviors of Fraud, Propagation, and Dissemination
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InvestScience Research Lab

[Financial Research]

Research Lab Dedicated to the Study and Implementation of Investment Methodologies, Strategies and Resulting Performance
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Education & Outreach

FraudDefense Coalition


Financial Literacy, Education and Fraud Education Programs

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Fraud X Initiative


Support and Development of Innovative Solutions Against Fraud

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Before You Invest... InvestDefense
Don't just trust. Investigate.

Founded by former FBI Special Agents, InvestDefense is located at the University of South Florida, Research Park, in Tampa Florida.

InvestDefense is a fusion of the aggressive investigative tactics of FBI Agents with rigorous scientific analysis and academic research.

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